Sunday, April 13, 2014

The 1 Minute Read Series: You Just Do Your Part

A lot of people I've known try to be General Manager of the Universe. They worry that God may not do what He's supposed to do. They fret about somehow, someway things just not going rightly because other people get lazy or mean, etc. Look, you aren't God and you can't control other people. God gave us the power to choose. We live with the consequences of those choices. What you CAN do is make sure you seek out what YOUR part is in following Jesus, and do that. Pray for others and realize God always does his part. So, do your part, pray for others and trust God fully. Then, resolve to be at peace, not give in to fear and - if nothing else - life is a vapor anyway. Why not live with faith in God and the courage to follow him every single day, whatever that means? Dump fear and worry, embrace faith and courage. Not later, right now! May you and I both always simply follow Jesus.

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