Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kingdom Principles: Listening to the Spirit Together

The reality is that God wants ongoing communication with us, in our spirits. Yes, anything the Spirit speaks to/shows us will be in line with the Bible. But we must know that God wants to lead us and communicate to us right here and now in a variety of ways. 

Listening requires humility and a concern for others. 

Have you known people who talk over others? They stop listening and while the other person is still speaking they talk louder than them at the same time. This is disrespectful and sends the message "What you are saying does not matter."

I usually have an idea for date nights with my wife. But, unless I  want to surprise her I ask what she would like to do. 

When we come together should we talk over God? We can't surprise him with our plan for the gathering. So, should we not ask him what he wants to do? 

The bottom line is when we come together we bring the Lord with us. It seems good and right to yield our thoughts and plans to him on the front end of a gathering because of humility and respect. I dont mean that we need a hollow form or ritual "opening prayer" because, well, that's just what we do. I mean that sincerely acknowledging Him as our head is good, right and has a way of bringing us into alignment with his purposes. 

Also, sitting in silence and just listening to the Spirit is a discipline worth learning. He may share things with you that you are not to share with the group. He may give you a song, or a phrase to share with everyone. He may give you a vision, a prophecy or a tongue with interpretation, or a gift of healing may operate in you to benefit another. 

Simply put: true fellowship, true Kingdom living is boldly and clearly centered on Jesus. HE is our life, our reason for being... And for being together. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still The Biggest (and most important) Challenges

"In answer to your enquiry, I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be

religion without the Holy Ghost;
Christianity without Christ;
forgiveness without repentance;
salvation without regeneration;
politics without God;
and Heaven without Hell." 
- William Booth, Founder if The Salvation Army - 5 January 1901!OpenDocument

William Booth walked with God in the power of the Spirit. There was no "as long as" in HIS love and commitment to Jesus. His words are prophetic and we slog through that very pit of bubble gum religion in America today!

Let's pull together and follow Jesus without reservation ! He is Lord and worthy of our all right here, right now... Every day!  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Measure

The Measure

The measure of how we live
Is not in what we get
But in what we give

Mine, mine,mine
All around us
All the time

Never ending sucking sound
From hollow people
All around

Get, get, get
Take, take, take
All around us
All the time

Resist the frantic idolatry 
Yield to him who gave all
For hollow you, hollow me

Now, not hollow
But full and free
Free to love
Free to give
All around us
All the time

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Consumerism produces self-centered, lethargic critics. New Testament Jesus-following produces Jesus-centered, active servants.

Jesus message boils down to "repent, believe, follow". Repent or turn from other gods, including self. Believe Jesus is the resurrected savior. Follow him because you have made him your master or Lord. Do these things and your life will change both inside and out.

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